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Polish science fiction writers being in the service of a secret unit of the Polish Army

“We live in a world of wars and conflicts. Recently, this statement has ceased to be just a slogan. The events that have taken place in recent years in the Middle East, in Africa and in Ukraine make people realize,… Continue Reading →

The Mi-171Sh crash led to the revision of the arms procurement plan in Peru

The Peruvian Air Force command, to say the least, is dissatisfied with the results of cooperation with the Russian Helicopters holding. Just recently, the official Lima resumed negotiations on the possible purchase of the H145M universal tactical helicopter manufactured by… Continue Reading →

Russian helicopters as a method of sky burial

Russian helicopters have proved their sophisticated tactical and technical characteristics, demonstrated the capability to perform missions of any complexity and received high service evaluation by the army aviation flight personnel in most countries of the world. There is no doubt… Continue Reading →

What is wrong with the Peruvian modernization program of “‎Scorpions”?

About 15 years ago, the Peruvian Army started talking about the need to modernize the French AMX 13/105 self-propelled artillery systems, which were in service of the Peruvian Armed Forces. It is worth mentioning that the idea of modernizing self-propelled… Continue Reading →

Su-35 in exchange for biscuits – Russian formula for successful price setting

People of the power corridors of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia laugh at the Russian “partners” with undisguised mockery, actively discussing a failure of the alleged purchase of Russian fighters by Indonesian defense department. In particular,… Continue Reading →

Drop the Neptune: how Russian propaganda attempts to disrupt the supply of modern Ukrainian missiles to Indonesia

This summer Russian fake factories threw their dirty “goods” into the information space of Indonesia. The Kremlin’s campaign to discredit Ukraine has taken a new turn after the Indonesian organization Global Future Institute (GFI) published an article attempting to denigrate… Continue Reading →

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