According to Ukrainian aeronautical engineering experts’ estimates, the recent Russian IL-112V transport aircraft crash (occurred on August 17th, 2021) revealed two essential issues, which can be briefly described as follows:

  • First one is that the engine fire extinguishing system failed.
  • Second one is that the crew exposed its incapacity to act during the non-standard (emergency) situations such as failure of one of the engines.

To make matters worse, the accident near Kubinka has put a decisive end to the audacious plans of “Rosaviaprom”. The crashed cargo aircraft was supposed to take part in the “Army-2021” international military-technical forum scheduled for August 22nd-28th, which would have resulted in the ceremonial launch of the IL-112V into mass production.

Thus, “Rosaviaprom” suffered an irreversible reputational damage that official Moscow won’t bounce back any time soon.

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