The MiG-29 fighter crashed on August 18th during the exercise sortie on the territory of the Ashuluk training ground in the Astrakhan region according to Russian media reports. RIA News (Rus. – Ria Novosti) suggested that weather conditions could have caused the accident. However, it is alleged with reference to TASS (Information Telegraph Agency of Russia) that two versions of what happened are being considered – a technical aircraft malfunction or a piloting error.

The “Quaestio Principalis” team does not lay claim to being the highest authority to make the final conclusions, and yet… The likely reason for the MiG-29 fall is the infamous factor of Russian import substitution and the administrative ban of official Moscow on the use of Ukrainian-made components.
Back in 2017, the United Engine Corporation, being part of the Rostec State Corporation, bravuraly reported on “the implementation of import substitution of NR-3VMA-T regulator pumps for engines of the TV3-117/VK-2500 family installed on most “Mi” and “Ka”-type helicopters. Previously, the Russians used Ukrainian-made regulator pumps, manufactured at the Kharkov “FED” machine-building plant. And within last four years the above mentioned components have been manufactured by the Perm enterprise JSC “STAR”.

A similar decision was made with regard to MiG-29 aircraft engines. Before, the overhaul of RD-33 turbojet engines and replacement of NR-59 pump-regulators were carried out by the “Motor” Lutsk Repair Plant. Nowadays Russians use NR-59 produced by JSC “MPO named after Rumyantsev” (Moscow, Raskovoy street, 34).

Moreover, Rostec reported “on an increase in the productivity of the “Technodinamika” JSC and on a reduction in the MiG and Su aircraft aviation components production period due to the purchase of new machines which process the components of the regulator pumps”.

Anyway, I don’t know about the feeling of our readers, but personally I have a terrible deja vu. The events taking place in “Rosaviaprom” (including the aircraft crash in the vicinity of Kubinka) resemble the results of Gorbachev’s populist slogans about restructuring and accelerating scientific and technological progress…

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