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Why did the MiG-29 fall or the Russian acceleration course!

The MiG-29 fighter crashed on August 18th during the exercise sortie on the territory of the Ashuluk training ground in the Astrakhan region according to Russian media reports. RIA News (Rus. – Ria Novosti) suggested that weather conditions could have… Continue Reading →

Plane crash near Kubinka: serial manufacture of the IL-112V is not going to happen..

According to Ukrainian aeronautical engineering experts’ estimates, the recent Russian IL-112V transport aircraft crash (occurred on August 17th, 2021) revealed two essential issues, which can be briefly described as follows: First one is that the engine fire extinguishing system failed…. Continue Reading →

Ukraine bypasses Russia in the tender for the ATGM supply to Pakistan

Since 2014 the ground forces of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan have been searching for a potential supplier of modern anti-tank guided missile (hereinafter – ATGM) systems. Pakistani specialists singled out four bidders while analyzing, including the developments of Chinese,… Continue Reading →

France loses the African game to Russia but can win the Ukrainian one

Le Courrier Du Soir published an article entitled “Bad news for Macron: in one year Russia gained $1.7 billion through arms sales to African countries, to the south of the Sahara”. Indeed, France is far behind Russia in arms sales… Continue Reading →

Colonel Vyazovsky’s dreams

In pre-revolutionary Russia, unlike modern Russia, satirical literature had a leading position. The stories by Saltykov-Shchedrin on their own are worth a lot. The literary works of the great wordsmith harbor so much humor and comedy. Although, it should be… Continue Reading →

Russian armaments cooperation strategy

Such an event as the Ph.D. dissertation (Russian: candidate’s dissertation) defense in April 2019 by Serhiy Stepanovych Horeslavsky, the Deputy General Director of OJSC Rosoboronexport, went unnoticed for wide circle of specialists. The topic of the scientific work “Arms trade… Continue Reading →

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